"As is with most post schedules, the limited time we had together to color "The Barber" became less of a concern as Tashi served as a one-man-band for all post-production finishing needs... Tashi's creative background led to discussions about motivation for color within scenes and the progression of those colors throughout the film.
For as long as I have known him, Tashi is a filmmaker first and a colorist second.

Since I walked out of our DI sessions, every subsequent viewing of the film has been, to me, an exact reproduction of the look Tashi and I found together. From our theatrical run, Netflix, and even mobile viewing, Tashi's understanding of color science and post workflow has kept the integrity of the film's look intact to this day."
– Allen H. Liu, Cinematographer of The Barber
Tashi served as the digital intermediate colorist for the independent feature, The Barber (starring Scott Glenn). Tashi worked with long-time friend and creative collaborator, cinematographer Allen H. Liu to craft the final look and feel of the film. Tashi completed all of the films visual effects during the digital intermediate, working in interactive sessions with the cinematographer and producers to quickly iterate and develop complex aesthetic fulfillment and creative effects. Tashi’s unique background in visual effects and compositing proved instrumental in keeping the post-production team small and nimble and providing immediate feedback for the filmmakers, removing the need to outsource visual effects to external vendors.

To see more of Allen’s great work, visit his website: http://www.allenhliu.com/
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