“I am a visual finishing artist. Film is my canvas and color is my brush.”

Tashi Trieu has over 10 years of post-production finishing experience as well as an extensive background in compositing and digital and film photography. Utilizing a strong eye for story-centric visual aesthetics, Tashi combines both technical and artistic strengths to enhance feature films, commercials, short form, and episodic productions.
In today’s fast-paced post-production environment colorists need a rich understanding of visual effects and motion picture imaging science to produce creative results quickly and effectively. Tashi’s artistic skill set is strengthened by a rich technical background in color science, image processing, and digital post-production workflow. Tashi is the co-author of the textbook "Modern Post", an internationally recognized authority on modern Hollywood post-production finishing.
Tashi’s experience also includes on-set consulting to help best leverage the tools of digital intermediate finishing. Providing these insights and education to clients is critical in producing a strong and productive collaboration, from dailies to digital cinema exhibition.

Tashi has been a contributor to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science's ACES project, and regularly contributes his expertise in color science to Lattice, a popular Swiss army-knife app utilized by many DIT’s, colorists, and directors of photography. Additionally, he serves as a consultant for many major software vendors and manufacturers.
Tashi has taught digital intermediate color grading and finishing at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts in Southern California and at Taipei National University of the Arts. He has served as a post-production consultant to major film studios and post-production facilities in Taiwan.
Tashi is also an avid photographer and enjoys traveling.

Tashi with his class at Taipei National University of the Arts.

Tashi presenting color science and color grading workflows to the colorists and editors at Taiwan's
Central Motion Pictures Corporation.

Tashi visiting with Taipei Post-Production's senior colorist 宋義華 RickSung after the premiere of his film,
Where the Wind Settles.

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